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TRUCKOMAN Introduces Vehicle Tracking System

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Sat, 24 April 2010


MUSCAT — In order to further improve logistics support services for PDO, Truckoman has installed IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System) to cover fleet operations in South Oman. IVMS provides real time tracking of vehicles via satellite or the GSM network. Apart from simply confirming the precise location of all vehicles this data can also be used to monitor driver performance and measure improvements following training.

With IVMS, transport operators can improve their safety and operational efficiency. Manish Doshi, General Manager of Truckoman, stated: “Truckoman has been moving PDO’s oil rigs for many years and IVMS will further enhance quality and efficiency of our services.” Amongst Truckoman’s customers, Said Naaby, PDO Head of Logistics South, noted: “IVMS is the way forward in the oil industry where fool-proof recording of the driver and truck behaviour is readily available.

Such vital information helps to identify any shortfalls and prompt the taking of corrective actions.” Jim Grant, of PDO’s 4PL logistics contractor Bahwan DHL, stated: “Apart from the HSE benefits IVMS will be immensely useful in rig move planning and this will not only improve efficiency but also reduce HSE exposure due to reduced travelling.” Commenting on the occasion, Chris Fidler, Group General Manager of Truckoman, added: “Truckoman strives to be Oman’s best logistics company and moves more land rigs than anyone else in the Sultanate.

We are always looking for opportunities to improve our services to customers and IVMS is our latest initiative. We have partnered with Bahwan Cybertek to provide the high quality “Geo Services” IVMS hardware and software. This unique system uses the latest PDO mapping and will enhance our Journey Management safety process. This will have a major impact on Truckoman’s HSE performance.” Chris Fidler further commented that, “by the end of April, IVMS will be fitted to all Premier Logistics Group’s vehicles operating in the Sultanate.”