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TRUCKOMAN, Port of Salalah and Maersk Line support Nabs

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Wed, 5 Oct 2011

- Nabil Al Busaidi, better known as Nabs, is about to embark on another adventure in a bid to become the first Arab to walk to the South Pole. The build up to his latest adventure began this week as he visited five schools in Muscat before setting out on a country wide tour to once again raise money for charity and encourage the youth of Oman to follow their dreams.

The Port of Salalah, TRUCKOMAN and Maersk Line have given their support to Oman’s pioneering adventurer, backing him all the way in his endeavours. A Maersk Line refrigerated shipping container or ‘reefer’ is being transported by TRUCKOMAN to give the opportunity to the Sultanate’s schoolchildren to experience the harsh conditions of the Antarctica and its sub-zero temperatures. Temperatures inside the container can be set to -20C which, for those brave enough to want to experience it, will give just a small taste of what Nabs will endure on his adventure.  Maersk Line typically utilise a reefer container for the intermodal freight transport of temperature sensitive cargo such as frozen food products but have graciously provided the container for this worthy cause.

Citing the excellent reception of the container amongst pupils, Nabs commented, “It’s a great motivation for me to give these children the opportunity to experience something similar to the conditions I will face on my long walk south. The Port of Salalah, together with support from TRUCKOMAN and Maersk Line, has really helped to make this possible and I am very grateful to them for this.”

“The Port of Salalah is extremely excited to be a part of Nabs’ trip to the South Pole,” said Peter Ford, CEO of the Port of Salalah. “We are happy to provide the financial and logistical support needed for his expedition and his school tour, and we have no doubt that Nabs will once again do Oman and its people proud in providing inspiration to the youth and succeeding in his historic adventure.”

Port of Salalah has also sponsored Nabil an almost indestructible computer tablet which he will be able to use to communicate with the outside world during his expedition. Nabil explained, “With the extreme temperatures in the South Pole, a normal laptop or tablet would not work as the hard drive would freeze. Thanks to the Port of Salalah though, I will be able to keep in constant communication with my team as the tablet which the Port has given me can withstand extreme conditions. It is ruggedized just for this sort of purpose and it will be a great tool to have along on the trip.”

Chris Fidler, Group General Manager of TRUCKOMAN and Premier Logistics Muscat, is very pleased to be able to assist Nabs. “Although we will not be providing primary support to Nabs on his expedition, we are extremely happy to be able to provide one of our newest vehicles to transport the reefer container throughout Oman and hopefully this support will spur Nabs on through the challenges he faces in the South Pole.”

Vasu Devan, Sales Manager at Maersk Line Oman added, “We think this is a great concept which we are happy to support. It’s wonderful for these children to meet with Nabs and experience the conditions of the South Pole first hand”.