Khazzan Logistics Management Services (KLMS)

About the Business

Khazzan Logistics Management Services (KLMS), established in 2014-15, focuses on monitoring, reporting on and controlling infield road traffic, and road safety management for our clients. We have achieved this through implementation of physical and system controls. These controls form the “5 E’s” of our continuous improvement cycle: Excellence, Education, Engagement, Enforcement and Evaluation. Over 40 years of combined specialized experience in road safety and transport related activities along with a one team approach is what our teams are made of.

Our Mission

Gain a better understanding of the main risks in road traffic management at any given site to allow us to Influence driving culture to improve driver and fleet standards

Our Goal

Make all travel for our clients accident and violation free.

Our Services

Vehicle inspection and certification

Road safety management

Logistics management solutions



TOGS Petroleum Logistics Complex Building No. 6066, Block No. 1/M/306 Plot No. 1325, Way No. 671 Al Jiffnein, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

p: +968 2230 8800



Ibri, Oman

p: +968 94464290