Declaration Form

Declaration Form

Truckoman Group has an ongoing responsibility to provide its employees with a safe and healthy environment in which to perform their duties. This includes promoting and encouraging measures amongst all employees to safeguard and protect the health & safety of all employees including anyone they may come in contact with.

As the coronavirus spreads unabated to over 152 countries, stringent measures are required to be put in place in order to ensure minimal disruption to business operations with a primary emphasis on the employees' health & well-being.

Truckoman Group are implementing certain restrictions to the Jifnein complex effective from 18th March 2020. Key points are as below:

  1. All employees will be stopped at the gate and asked to show their company ID cards (issued by the IT team). If any of your employees do not have a company ID, please let us know and we will arrange.
  2. All employees entering the facility will have their temperatures checked and recorded. This may cause a slight delay in entering the premises. Please bear with us as this is for the benefit for the individual and everyone concerned.
  3. All visitors to the Jifnein head office must have prior approval from the CEO/GM of the company and must populate and sign the declaration form. Declaration forms are downloadable from the company website and should be approved, signed and stamped by the CEO/GM of the company. The visitor must be in possession the approved document, which has to be presented at the gate for entry into the premises.
  4. Store deliveries will continue as normal. These do not require prior approval, however the delivery person will undergo a temperature check prior to being allowed into the premises. He will only be allowed access to the store/warehouse.
  5. We are trying to restrict visitors entering the premise as much as possible, your cooperation is appreciated.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. You can contact Raghav on 96543574 or Sam on 94462289.

Stay healthy, stay safe and if possible, work from home.

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